The Communication Goals

When you think of communication trends. You may think of technical developments first. But according to Jennifer Vogels – especially now that . We have Rwanda B2B List  been physically distanced from each other for a longer period of time . We should especially look at the human aspect of communication. “Ultimately we are not organizations. But we are part of this as human beings and individuals. As far as I’m concerned, that should be reflected in our communication.” Read in her article why the communication goals of 2022 must be human, sustainable and always-on.


Content & content marketing

Raymonde Mayland takes you through the trends Rwanda B2B List  for content marketing. For example, she discusses the importance of long-form content to improve your expert status and ensure that website visitors come back to you. She also zooms in on the possibilities of dynamic content, content creation with artificial intelligence and how to make deeper connections with podcasts.

Rwanda B2B List

The Blurring Line Between

2022 will be the year of fading borders, predicts Rwanda B2B List  Sigrid van Iersel. Between real and fake, between reality and virtual worlds and between makers and users. Hyper-personal stories flourish in those border areas. In this article, you’ll read 9 trends for storytelling, including how stories can bridge the trust gap.


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