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Then read on. Since the summer of Georgia Phone Number last year, Google primarily indexes the mobile version of every new website. They call it mobile-first indexing. Google maintains a single index for mobile and desktop web pages on the Internet and thus chooses to primarily index the mobile version of each page. For a correct display of your website in Georgia Phone Number the search results, it is therefore essential that your website shows the same content on both mobile and desktop. Also think of the headings, images and other content besides text, everything must be the same. Of course, the layout will differ for optimal display and Georgia Phone Number usability on mobile, but it is also important to pay attention to that area.

The Complete Guide

Such as downloading a PDF, watching video, viewing more content, clicking on the e-mail address/telephone number, clicking through to contact details, transactions, clicking through to the webshop, filling in the contact form, and so on. It is Georgia Phone Number important that the desired conversion action is clearly and recognizable on the page. Make sure you don’t go to the other extreme either. If a web page is full of all kinds of different conversion options, it can be very confusing for the user. So make sure that the most important Georgia Phone Number conversion action is clearly and recognizable on the page. 2. Make sure your website has the same content on desktop and mobile Is the mobile version of your website the same in terms of content as the desktop version of your website.

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Have someone in your environment who is not yet familiar with the website perform a specific task on the website. Then see what problems that person Georgia Phone Numberencounters. Many of the above points can also be tested with this tool from Google: Mobile-Friendly test . In any case, it will provide enough input for the developer to make improvements. Mobile-friendly test. Results of the Mobile-Friendly test. Does the user know what to do? It must be clear to the visitor what he or she has to do. That is, if you do not want the visitor to leave the Georgia Phone Number website without an interaction. Now the goal of every website and or web page is different, but in almost all cases the desired follow-up action can be devised.

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