The Complete Sheet Guide to Getting Things Done

Maybe you’re thinking well but executing poorly. Talk about a great game, but not get the results you want. Spend a lot of time thinking about where you want to go, but not much time actually moving your ass down the road Afghanistan Phone Number List that will take you there. We are a worldwide force. If we can all move ourselves in the same direction, we will change the world. Of course, you and I both know this will never happen. I’m going to tell you now that you should stand proud. Flakes can be awesome. Many of us are creative and smart. (That time coming up with excuses to lose our homework has trained our brains.) We are often ridiculous. Even charming. We look at the world with an interesting set of shots. We are curious. Many of us tend to pick up new things very quickly.

Now for the Not Awesome Part

What we’re missing is a focus. Everything looks good to us. We hope to have dinner in Rome and a diving trip to Fiji. Most of us care more about the experience than about something. But since we don’t take care of the “stuff” aspect of life, we don’t, we really want to have experience. This, we tend to lack this “driver” thing. We have desires, but we don’t know how to engage in the ride. The wheels turned, but the car did not move forward. My friend, if you are a scale, you need to learn how to get things done. Getting things done (meeting goals, finishing projects, all the irritating crap productivity people do) will make you a better experience. We live in a world of things. So when we blow things down it’s quite painful. But you can actually learn how to get things done.

Then, Get the Real

I got this from Robert Fritz’s terrific book, The Smallest Trail Resistance absolutely rock and roll. Fritz calls it “key technology”, which I think is an apt label. If you need to keep yourself around in a major way, this is how you can do it. This map has all the steps you need to take. These steps may be divided into sub-steps. Along the way, you’ll figure out the resources you need to develop and the path most likely to get you to your goals. You’ll get a good understanding of the constraints and even start working on the critical path. You’ve probably never been to this place where you want to go. So what makes you think you can map it out.

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