The endocrinologist said in a simple way the lack of weight which can be

If you decide to lose weight, you need to understand that now your life will change a lot.

We are aware that there are endless rules from endocrinologists
If you decide to lose weight, you need to understand that now your life will change a lot. Now there will be no “laziness” and “love.” For weight loss and achieving results, certain rules must be followed. What to start and what rules to follow must endocrinologist and candidate of medical sciences Zahra pavlova.


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Enjoy the procedure to keep Calories. The following calculation can be calculated, with the content of calories a day, or another person can maintain weight and lose weight if there is such a desire.

As Zuhra Pavlova says, you need to increase Italy Phone Number your weight. If you have a low lifestyle, you work in physical work and wood, and your guitar will be 28. The index is equal to 31, if you train three days a week in the gym and pass 10,000 steps. And if you pay for training for five days a week, the coefficient will be 33.

The endocrinologist explains that with a weight of 70 kilograms and sedentary work, your calorie content will beTo start losing weight, you should lose 10-15%. It is about 300 kilocalories. And to lose weight is more effective, doctors recommend drinking more warm water.

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Believe that you need to lose weight gradually, to establish a clear schedule that you should follow. First of all, you need to install food and electricity, but not to disturb the road. You need to start moving more, even sometimes, I don’t want to.

Nutritionists believe that there are some factors that interfere with weight. For example, the use of alcoholic beverages or the use of coffee after sleep. Losing extra pounds is still difficult if you don’t sleep. It should be remembered that “the head does not jump above.” Even 70 grams a day is good. In addition, you should not treat food as a joy. Recognize it as a necessary method.

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