Why and how to write an about page?

The about page is a central element of a website.

And yet. many overlook its importance and the role it can play in success.

She therefore often goes by the wayside.

However. the about page is just as interesting as any other page on a site.

I don’t know about you. but personally it’s one of the first pages I consult when I arrive on a site that I don’t know.

The about page must therefore be Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers worked on and optimized in the same way. and with the same rigor.

In this article. I explain why and how to create an attractive about page.

What is an About Page?

The about page is a page intended to present the company and its activity.

In this. we say that it is an informational page. since it is intended to inform visitors.

But inform about what exactly?

The about page is a sort of identity card for you and your business.

It can also serve as a CV. retracing your career path and relating your various experiences.

The about page is also useful for decluttering the homepage a bit.

We can indeed easily integrate elements that would overload the latter.

This is particularly the case for company presentation videos. for example.

In short. the about page allows you to open up and teach your visitors a little more.

It is therefore ideal for humanizing your company.

Humanize your business with the about page

umanizing your business is essentialin digital marketing.

The barrier of the screen creates indeed a lot of mistrust in the user.

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The latter therefore needs to be reassured. and to know that there is indeed a real person behind a website.

This is where the about page will take on its full meaning.

This is indeed the perfect opportunity to prove that you are indeed a human.

In particular. you can take advantage of this page to introduce yourself personally.

If you have collaborators. introduce them as well to further personify the company.

As I told you above. a short presentation video will look great on the about page.

You can also talk about your values. and the principles you want to embody through your business.

There is nothing better to build trust and start a relationship on a good basis with your visitors.

The about page is also an opportunity to deliver you in all sincerity.

Indulge. but not too much

Your about page is a bit like your storefront. and that of your business.

Through it. it’s a piece of you and your story that you will tell.

It is also the ideal place

Empathy. emotion and sincerity will be your best assets for your about page.

Be careful. however. not to drift too much on your personal life.

Don’t forget that visitors don’t care how old you got your baccalaureate.

The about page must indeed maintain a professional dimension. in accordance with its informational vocation.

To limit the risk of digression. stick to the famous acronym QQOQCCP: who. what. where. when. how. how much and why.

Thus. you are sure to answer the essential questions that your visitors ask themselves when they come to discover your about page.

Start by briefly introducing yourself. and briefly recounting your background if you wish.

Then talk about what led you to start this business.

This is where storytelling will be of great help to you. by evoking a problem encountered by your customers.

Finally. explain how your company is the solution to their problems.

Remember that the about page must be useful and provide added value to your readers.


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