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There are really a lot of cool Oman Phone Number taking place in the sector. The day I “submitted” this article to Frankwatching, Bitcoin price hit an “all time high”, a record high of $62,600. Also, the US Oman Phone Number will probably allow a so-called Bitcoin ETF, which I wrote about in 2019† This is expected to increase interest in cryptocurrencies even more. Looking for the moonshot The Bitcoin price has doubled this year at the time of writing and there are also all kinds of altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies) that Oman Phone Number risen in value by percentages like 15,000% and 10,000% .

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The well-known ‘Stock-to-Flow model’ predicts. That Oman Phone Number Bitcoin price could even double again to $100,000 around this Christmas, which will also have a positive catalytic effect on the altcoins. The nice thing about this madness is that I suddenly get a lot of old acquaintances on the Oman Phone Number who are looking for advice when buying cryptocurrencies. They also ask which altcoins I expect to ‘moon’ (crypto terminology for soaring). Many people seem to have gotten high because of the crazy price increases that coins have gone through. Or through the stories of acquaintances who have earned a lot of money with it, influencers who promote one coin after Oman Phone Number as a new moonshot and the endless stream of positive developments in the sector.

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Black Swan. Waiting for the black swan. The Oman Phone Number is with liquidity due to the endless printing of money by governments and the low interest rates. This again partly ends up in the Oman Phone Number market. We saw in the US that 7% of the stimulus checks that. The government sent out to its citizens were to buy crypto. And in the Netherlands , 5% of people already have crypto and 25% are planning to buy it. In my view, the madness will continue for a while, now that the economy is recovering so Oman Phone Number after the corona dip and the stock markets are reaching record highs.

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