The Local Marketing Trends

Brands would do well to also examine their local marketing strategy, according to Nienke Zijsling and Julie van Strien. They delve deeper into local influencer marketing, brand activism at the local level and the possibilities of Google. Andorra B2B List 


Marketing technology

Marketing technology in 2022: 5 innovative trends

Did you know that according to research by Gartner, a  Andorra B2B List whopping 26.6% of the marketing budget is spent on marketing technology? In this article you can read more about the main martech trends, including integration of the martech stack and tools for low-code and no-code.


5 developments in marketing automation

“Due to privacy developments, it is becoming more Andorra B2B List  difficult to generate targeted online traffic. And that puts pressure on the number of leads entering the sales funnel,” says Marc Bongers. He foresees more customer journey thinking and more attention to retention as an important development in the field of marketing automation. What are the other developments? You can read that in the article.


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