The Metaverse?

Last year we had a hard time escaping it: the metaverse . Companies in various sectors expressed their vision of the virtual world. Facebook even adapted its company name to indicate where the ambition level lies. The company describes the metaverse Macau B2B List as ‘ the next evolution of social connection ‘.The vision is that users move as avatars within a shared, virtual world. Virtual and augmented reality glasses will be used in the metaverse. The real and virtual worlds will become even more intertwined within that vision.


The idea is that there will be one metaverse. Just  Macau B2B List like with the internet. Different platforms will be connected to each other. It is not there yet for the time being. But, given the outspoken ambitions of the largest social platform in the world, the metaverse is definitely a development to keep a close eye on.

9. Visual search

Visual search provides a completely Macau B2B List  different user experience than the experience you already know. For example, by uploading an image you can find similar images in a few seconds, for example to gain inspiration.

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