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Louis Vuitton very recently Saudi Arabia Phone Number the game Louis: The Game . Louis the game. Trend 4. The big boys keep coming in The great thing about blockchain and Bitcoin is that you can see and analyze all Saudi Arabia Phone Number since its inception. This allows parties such as Glassnode and Chainalysis to make the most interesting analyses. From identifying and tracking criminal transactions for secret services to mapping out what accounts hold Bitcoin. Owners with more than 1000 Bitcoin in their possession – also known as the whales – are often. Some whales are known to be who they are, but most are unknown. It creates a lot of speculation. Are they Saudi Arabia Phone Number individuals or banks that buy and trade Bitcoin anonymously.

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There are all Saudi Arabia Phone Number of tools that monitor. The movements of these whales, such as the Whale Alert Twitter account . Where Bloomberg wrote that 2% of Bitcoin wallets own 95% of all available Bitcoin, Glassnode shows in an in -depth analysis that this is actually much better Saudi Arabia Phone Number that this distribution is also increasing. Due to the reporting obligation that many public companies worldwide have around finances and large investments, large purchases of Bitcoin are often worldwide quickly. But this information is not available from large institutional investors Saudi Arabia Phone Number the so-called ‘family offices’ management companies of very wealthy families.

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In a recent event that I organized Saudi Arabia Phone Number the new. European crypto legislation. Several experts indicated that they also expect that this type of investors will only buy Saudi Arabia Phone Number on a large scale once this legislation has been. Trend 5. Crackdown on cowboys Legislation now being drawn up worldwide at a rapid pace. Many governments realize that they cannot wait for years with legislation and regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies. The US Saudi Arabia Phone Number has woken up and on the one hand indicates that it does not want to ban cryptocurrencies, but is very concerned about its transactions and stability.

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