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After great international pressure. It Malaysia Phone Number out that the company behind Tether had a very strange mix of assets to cover. All this money on its balance sheet. As a result, the company had to Malaysia Phone Number a fine to the American government and the same government has now urgently developed a framework to severely restrict stablecoins, such as Tether. Trade exchanges such as Bitcoinmeester have already taken the coin offline . It’s not just about Tether, though. There Malaysia Phone Number dozens of stablecoins in circulation and the big wait is still for the stablecoin that shook up many governments: Diem, initiated by Facebook.

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In addition to the fact that European , Chinese Malaysia Phone Number American governments have expressed their great concerns, they have now rapidly developed legislation that will come into Malaysia Phone Number next year. President Biden has already indicated that they are in the same category as banks. And the head of the US central bank, Jerome Powell , has already indicated that he does not want to ban them, but that they should be strictly regulated. It is important to filter the cowboys out of Malaysia Phone Number industry and actually gain broad acceptance by larger institutions. In a recent Deloitte survey, 83% of executives said they see current fiat money being replaced by such coins.

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Governments are working Malaysia Phone Number Normally, governments always lag behind technological developments, the so-called pacing problem . In the blockchain field, however, I see a few Malaysia Phone Number developments emerging from governments in the coming year. MICA Regulations First, the important MICA regulation is likely to be extensively and then implemented in the coming year. An extremely important step in the further professionalization of the sector. And with it the entry of even more organizations. Self Sovereign Identity In addition. The EU Malaysia Phone Number last June that it will further intensify its efforts around ‘Self Sovereign. Identity about which I wrote earlier.

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