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Because of that interaction, they usually have a better relationship with their audience. As a result, they know much better what is going on with Cyprus Phone Number them and can respond to this with sponsored messages. In addition, as a brand you reach your target group better through such an influencer, because the target group is less broad. Also, a collaboration is cheaper (barring exceptions) than that with a mega-influencer. This is an advantage, especially Turkey Phone Number for companies that have to pay more attention to their  Cyprus Phone Number budget as a result of the corona crisis. Tip : do you not have an unlimited budget or do you want to reach a specific target group? Then consider working with a micro or nano influencer.

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There are countless examples of past collaborations that were a serious mismatch, of which the one between Anna Nooshin and Shell in the Turkey Phone Number Netherlands is perhaps the best known. Tip : When choosing your influencer, don’t pay too much attention to the number of followers someone has or how popular he or she is at the moment. Connect Cyprus Phone Number with your influencer and find out whether he or she has the same values ​​as you and whether there is enough interaction with the messages that are posted. 3. A focus on Cyprus Phone Number influencer fraud The focus on influencer fraud is increasing.

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