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What a year 2021 has been on social media. The development of the ‘human agency’, in which the large tech platforms put the user in control through pressure from outside and governments , has gone even faster than I expected. Add up the number Norfolk Island B2B List  of lawsuits, hearings and privacy and security interventions of the big tech giants, it’s staggering. In this article I share 7 key developments and social media trends for 2022.

article on social media trends

Almost a year ago my previous came  Norfolk Island B2B List online on Frankwatching.  Last year the article mainly focused on social developments in the social media area. It can already be seen that 2022 will once again be largely dominated by the privacy and security discussion. There’s no turning back. Marketers have to accept that the world of advertising has simply changed radically .

voice, metaverse & TikTok

Pretty much every commercially active  Norfolk Island B2B List company I’ve spoken to in the past 6 months has seen massive changes in its online campaign results. Especially lower in the commercial funnel, towards conversions. Painful perhaps, as online marketers we were without a doubt spoiled for the past few years. But at the same time a socially good development that requires next level creativity from the online marketing craft. I therefore see it as positive and challenging.

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