the strength that those baseballs brought me

Many people older than me have probably experienced the Wang Jianmin whirlwind. And my baseball whirlwind is because of Chen Weiyin. At that time, Chen Weiyin played in the major leagues when I was in the sixth grade of elementary school. Because of this hot topic, I began to get in touch with American professional baseball, and my life began to turn silently from here. All girls in Yilan may want to go to Lanyang Girls’ High School, but Lanyang Girls’ High School doesn’t have a baseball team, so after graduating from middle school, I decided to choose my love and go to Yilan High School, where the team has been established for nearly ten years.

But after I really became a player, I realized that watching

Others play and playing by myself are two completely different things. Playing baseball is not that simple. First, you have to sacrifice recreational time Portugal Phone Number every Sunday just to practice with the team on the softball fiel, and I wouldn’t have such fun watching a game! Falling in love with baseball has given me the strength to persevere in my choices. And this has also become an angle of reflection: love baseball, is it only possible to

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I worked hard to be admitted to the School

Of Communication of National Chengchi University, and tried to write articles about American professional baseball and third-level baseball, that is, I started in the field of sports; served as a news group volunteer for the 3rd U18 International Soft Baseball Championship. And wrote player interviews; because I wanted to

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