The Ultimate Goal of Scientists

When will AI development stop? As far as the scientists are concerned, there is one ultimate goal. And from there, everything is unknown. Scientist Jürgen Schmid Huber has revolutionized machine learning and AI. He enabled facial recognition and speech recognition, which are used by billions of people around the world. This is just in your smartphone. He calls this ‘by-products on the way to the end goal’: artificial general intelligence: AGI . A system that can learn itself and also improve its own learning algorithm. Without Borders. AGI will be able to Luxembourg Phone Number List  improve its own learning processes better and faster than humans can. As soon as the system can do this, we will be superfluous. We can no longer track, limit or control it. From that moment on, AGI will be, as it were, a new life form.

AGI’s pet

The documentary makes a clear but also frightening comparison. They compare the relationship between humans and AGI with the relationship between humans and animals. We live with Luxembourg Phone Number List animals, we love animals, but we don’t ask their permission if a highway has to be built. We make choices about the lives of animals. The expectation is that, if AGI ever really comes into existence, it will take this role over us. AGI will make choices and determine things without consulting with humans. Creepy , right?

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What now?

The scientists in the documentary call for you to prepare for Luxembourg Phone Number List the era after privacy. Everything we do is recorded, and it’s virtually impossible to stop it. And if scientists succeed in upgrading AI to AGI, we are already sidelining ourselves completely .The question is therefore not whether we should continue with these developments (because that will happen anyway), but how we should deal with them. If we can no longer control what AGI does or will do, what role do humans still play in this world?Many unreal examples are shared in the documentary. 

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