The Most Hilarious Names And Pay

For the first time in my life I am sharing an article that is not just about the labor market and recruitment. A blog with no morals whatsoever. But the reason for this blog was born in the build-up of a guerilla recruitment campaign. I regularly speak and write about guerilla recruitment marketing, for example here .


At the beginning of this year I gave a kick-ass talk at a well-known recruitment event. It was about one of my favorite topics (guerilla recruitment marketing). It is possible that you have an opinion about the house style of my sheets (see below), great! #adultmenmaybestcommunicatewithunicornsandrainbows and indeed about your opinion? don’t call me! My 8 year old daughter thought this was my best presentation EVER!


Back to the story for a moment

‘Practice what you preach. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Sometimes you have to show yourself what you have. We are also looking for new employees, so time for a brilliant campaign (you will see the implementation of our guerilla recruitment campaign later in this article).

Any good guerilla recruitment campaign starts with Armenia Phone Number making a big contrast. You see something, you hear something or you read something that you cannot immediately identify. As a bystander you taste and experience something that immediately grabs your attention. For our guerilla campaign we went in search of a wind band (or a mop orchestra as we call it here). A brass band, or a horn and drum ensemble that could provide some contrast in a school with students (again, below you can see how it turned out).

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The essence of this article

And then we come to the real essence. I haven’t laughed so hard in years as the days when I was looking for a brass band for our marketing campaign. The names they give themselves as an association or foundation? Just really f*cking brilliant. After day two it became more of a sport to find the most hilarious names of brass bands than to book a band or artist yourself, but that’s beside the point. So this article is about the most hilarious names and advertising pay-offs ever conceived.

This, dear ones, gives you everything you have ever sought in your life! Need inspiration for your company, your mission and vision or your business plan? This is it! Seriously engaged in soulsearching? This is it! Need an upgrade in your love life? See the answer here! This article is all you need, if you’ve seen all these names.

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