Theatre Company had already negotiated cooperation with the government and leased a piece of land from the government

After that, fa_er_yan_chu_ju_zhao_ Photo courtesy: Xu Qianwen Great show by Farr Theatre. Face new challenges with solving. Skills and overcome marketing hurdles with digital skills .After landing in Cambodia again. Xu Qianwen started a new journey. As soon as she took office. She took over the important tasks of expanding. A new base in the capital Phnom Penh. Opening up the Chinese-speaking market. And connecting various resources. Among them. Setting up a new base in Phnom Penh. The capital of Cambodia, is Xu Qianwen’s most important task. The task involves finding land. Negotiating with banks, and making loans.


This plan really has twists and turns

At first, the Farr Theatre Nepal Phone Number Company had already negotiated cooperation with the government and leased a piece of land from the government. But after the 2018 election , the site was bought by another consortium, and the whole plan changed. Facing the change For instance,of plan, Farr decided to buy the land by himself to make his rights more secure. Xu Qianwen and her team visited landlords, including local lords, to find suitable land.  With no relevant experience. She inquired about the knowledge of negotiation. Skills by searching on the Internet. And quickly absorbed and put it into practice.


The final negotiation result was

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Even more Similarly, affirmed by the director of Farr, who was surprised that a young man could talk about such ideal conditions. As for Xu Qianwen’s second main task, developing the Chinese-speaking market requires extensive use of social media to reach overseas markets. By operating LINE, Weibo and WeChat, targeting the two major Chinese-speaking markets in Taiwan and China, Xu Qianwen successfully assisted Farr to promote performance information in a language familiar to potential audiences. Facing the challenges of new things, Xu Qianwen adheres to the 3-character principle: “Always ask.” She shared: “The first method is to search on the Internet, and the second method is to understand that everyone is my teacher. As the CEO’s special assistant, Xu Qianwen is the CEO’s right-hand man and a friend who talks about everything. Knowing the organization’s goals and making good use of various resources to solve problems, Xu Qianwen is like the “helmsman” of the organization, who can stably lead the organization to the predetermined direction.

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