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If you are just starting out  my advice would be to Italy Phone Number. First assess your reliance on cookies and talk to your technology partners. They should also find out what solutions . They are trying and where they have been successful. Also look to industry bodies like Italy Phone Number the IAB Tech Lab to see what they advise. What best practices they describe  and what solutions they advocate. Finally taking a look at the available case.  Studies is another useful way to assess the success Italy Phone Number of different solutions . You can then start the process in collaboration with your partners to establish what works best for you and your company.

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5. As for the solutions that will prevail and Italy Phone Number become. The industry standard is there currently a consolidation taking place among professionals in the sector in Spain and abroad?We have doubled the number of publishers Italy Phone Number using ID5 by 2021. The technology has been adopted by many publishers in Spain and we have a reliable reach across the country, as well as a growing footprint in Latin America. In 2021 we saw the Italy Phone Number number of identity solutions in the consideration set shrink .

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In general, advertisers and publishers are reviewing their options based on the reach of an addressable audience through probabilistic identifiers, deterministic Italy Phone Number identifiers, or a combination of both in the case of ID5. Most players are looking for a global approach, available worldwide, rather than a solution that only works in restricted geographical areas. The main publishers, technology platforms and advertisers in Spain are working in this direction.

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