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Commerce means that local businesses need to maintain a strong presence in the online store. It’s not just about driving traffic online. Or make appointments online for offline visits. Consumers expect these amenities and multimedia interactions to be seamless. And to design storefronts that extend that online user experience. Recently. Searchmetrics conducted studies of the top-ranking websites for keyword research across multiple verticals. Including finance. have 40% more interactive elements like buttons, menus, and click-to calls. More than double the rate of online shops above the fold. 70% more bullet points per list and 25% more words. 73 percent more internal links. 32% larger file size.

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Their results included ranking factors and other trends that may recognize as being directly taken into account by Google’s algorithm. Summary of study results Below is a summary of how the top 10 websites for a variety of keyword searches in a given vertical compare to the average benchmarks for universal search results. Financial websites 30% smaller Macedonia Phone Number in file size. 40% fewer images. related to keywords, but unlike financial websites, images are very useful for travel. These consumers are also more likely to surf within one domain – for example, users of a hotel site may view other products such as different rooms, different properties, or other destinations. So don’t confuse pre-trip research with post-trip social sharing. E-commerce sites

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More likely to have bulleted lists. Keywords appear one-third as frequently in body text. 81 percent fewer internal links. 20% benchmark for Facebook signals. More LinkedIn signals. 14% longer URLs. The above demonstrates that users of Finance websites appreciate relevant and clearly communicated content, organized in a readable format, which provides specific details on the subject. Faster loading times are the result of fewer images deemed less important to convey concrete facts or terms. Users seem to be unique buyers.

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Less and use specific landing pages. Social media is not considered authoritative in financial decisions. With the exception of LinkedIn. And its career guidance. travel websites 38 percent more images. 23 percent more internal links. 57% more words. Load times are three seconds slower. On average. 27% more extra points. and 50% fewer keywords on the page. 11% from Facebook and 2% from Tweets against 100% from the index. Consumers looking for travel information demand more relevant and in-depth content


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