Thought Leadership Content Good?

Because only 15% of decision-makers rate thought leadership content as very good or excellent, this means that as an organization you have to work to share high-quality content with your target group. So the bar is high. What actually makes this type of B2B content good? Walt Disney once said . The decision-makers surveyed agree with the legendary entertainer: thought leadership content should be ‘entertaining’, provided it offers sufficient intellectual value. Edelman concludes: “ 87% of buyers say that thought leadership content can be Tonga B2B List  both intellectually rigorous and fun to consume at the same time.

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In addition, decision makers strongly prefer Tonga B2B List  a human tone over a formal tone (64% versus 36%). They also prefer to see a person with a clear point of view bring the story, rather than a brand or logo (67% versus 33%). It’s good to know that 81% of decision makers even require the content author to be provocative. Knowledge leaders should therefore absolutely excite their readers.

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In addition, the content should not be Tonga B2B List  overstated (77%) and it is highly appreciated if the burden of proof from third parties is included (80%). And to reiterate an important point: 46% percent indicate that they label too salesy content as low quality. The reader can really make the link between the article and the sender’s offer.

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