Tips for More Secure Passwords

Who doesn’t know it: you are busy and to access a web page you have to create an account. Then you need a password. What do you fill in? No inspiration… Let’s see, ‘hello’ or ‘qwerty’? Maybe replace the o of ‘hello’ with a 0? Or even easier: you use the Canada Phone Number List  password that you use for many services. So type Welke0m01! in again. And finished! It is tempting to do this just as quickly, but also dangerous. How do you choose a secure password? Because: in the European month of cybersecurity , it is high time to take passwords seriously. For example with the tips from the booklet ‘Pass op je passwords’ (affiliate) by Patrick Mackaaij.

Humans are creatures of habit

Once upon a time there was a TV show Canada Phone Number List  where a life-improving burglar went out with a camera crew to show how easy it is to break into houses. And, once inside, how predictable people are. Everyone thinks they have stored valuables well, but apparently we often think the same and end up in the same places that burglars know . The same goes for creating passwords.

 secure passwords

If you need to quickly come up with a password, Canada Phone Number List words like “hello,” “welcome,” “qwerty,” “12345,” and even “password” are obvious choices that many people use. Just as good as ‘welk0m’ or ‘[email protected]’. Apparently more people lack inspiration when choosing a password, as ‘password’ and ‘password’ are in the top 10 most used passwords. It’s like a cleaner at Schiphol once said about humans as creatures of habit: ‘Almost everyone chooses one of the rear toilets with the idea that no one walks that far and those toilets are cleaner. But everyone thinks so, so those rear toilets are actually the most used.’ And quickly ask someone to name a tool and a color and most will say red and hammer. In short, as people we share more than you might think. And that can be abused.

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