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All of its content reminds the audience to embrace their inner child. Which is driven home particularly well with the help of cgi babies. In “baby & me.” a man is surprised to see his reflection is actually a baby. The baby begins to mimic his expressions. And the man suddenly begins to dance while the baby China Phone Number  follows suit. High-arousal emotions like joy are quite obvious. But as we discovered earlier. What really drives shares is the high level of dominance. There’s a certain feeling of admiration for those who are still in tune with their younger selves. Which helps push the video past  million views on youtube.

Keep in mind. Though. That low levels of dominance can still trigger a positive emotional response when paired with high arousal content – it just needs to include an element of surprise. Consider the high-arousal. Low-dominance configuration used in helloflo’s “the camp gyno” video. The feminine hygiene China Phone Number  market is tough. Particularly because most brands seem to prefer a more conservative approach. However. Monthly tampon subscription service helloflo did a  with this campaign and followed a preteen who suddenly becomes the camp’s pint-sized gyno after earning her “red badge of courage.” 

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She is dethroned. Though. With the arrival of brand’s feminine care packages. The video works in two ways. On one hand. It triggers a positive emotional response by tackling typically conservative content through a light-hearted lens. On the other. It also includes that essential element of surprise when China phone number the young girl figures out how she’s been replaced. For helloflo. This fresh approach paid off: to date. The video has earned more than  million youtube views. Negative content can still earn shares. But it needs to shock our final configuration incorporated low levels of both arousal and dominance. And although there was greater variation in emotional responses to these images. Surprise was a key element in a majority of the content. 

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In terms of social shares. This means that negative content should have some sort of shock value if it wants to be successful. For instance. In “reflections from inside.” nonprofit highway safety group we save lives surprises patrons through a mirror in the men’s bathroom of a bar in los angeles. Staring back at China Phone Number  these patrons is kris caudilla. Who is currently serving  years in prison for vehicular manslaughter after drinking and driving. Careful editing allows patrons to interact with caudilla as he offers a sobering reminder about what his actions meant for a police officer and his family. 

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It’s a very emotionally-charged clip that tells a compelling story in part to a powerful combo of low-arousal and low-dominance emotions like fear and sadness. However. What helped this China Phone Number  campaign earn more than  million views was the shock felt by both the unsuspecting patrons and any audiences listening to caudilla’s story. Another example is “kids read mean tweets.” as an anti-bullying campaign for the canadian safe school network. The video uses a familiar format – the recurring “mean tweets” segment popularized by jimmy kimmel live! – and replaces celebrities with kids who read hurtful tweets taken from the internet. 

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