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How does Instagram’s algorithm work? What is the ‘secret sauce’ for successful customer contact? And what does Triodos Bank focus on in their markeWhether it concerns English words in the Dutch language, software that meets privacy requirements or the developments around cryptocurrencies… This year too, readers and authors shared their opinions and knowledge via the responses to Frankwatching. Below are the top 10 commenters. Thanks for Armenia WhatsApp Number List  all your responses! ting strategy? From tutorial to in-depth talk, the top 3 videos (which also include 2 podcasts) is diverse:

Email, search & socials

How much time do you have to spend on social media, what  Armenia WhatsApp Number List can you do to attract more subscribers and how is search going? These are questions we regularly ask ourselves. We are therefore happy to share our analysis of what we see happening with our channels and which trends stand out to us.

Email even more relevant

E-mail remains a very important channel for us. The  Armenia WhatsApp Number List big advantage of e-mail is that you have it under your own management and are not dependent on algorithms, as with social media. Don’t build on someone else’s land . We therefore put a lot of energy into recruiting, retaining and involving subscribers for our newsletters, updates and alertsGrowth this year has been less strong than was usual in recent years. We have a reason for this: we have been actively cleaning up our mailing lists since this spring. Fortunately, there is still a clear growth in the number of active subscribers.

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