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If the criminal appears to be calling via Sweden Phone Number bank’s number ( spoofing ), it immediately looks very convincing. Even more so if he turns out to know where you’ve been shopping the past week. He tells Sweden Phone Number that strange activity has been reported on your account. In fact, he calls precisely because there is a great hurry: while you are talking, amounts disappear into unclear accounts! Fortunately, he also has a quick solution: your money can be safely parked in a Sweden Phone Number account. That is quite reassuring. It’s great to hear that your bank takes such good care of you.

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Course the hangover comes later: your Sweden Phone Number is gone and the criminal laughs into his fist. How is he doing? In this example, the criminal applies various marketing principles. For starters, authority . You don’t get a phone call from the bank every day. It is a solid organization Sweden Phone Number which you have entrusted your savings. Moreover, it turns out that this is not an ordinary bank employee, but a member of the fraud team! So he knows what he’s talking about. If he also screens with all kinds of financial and IT concepts, there are few people who will argue Sweden Phone Number him. You get blown away. The second principle is scarcity.

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To be precise: scarce time. You will be Sweden Phone Number to act immediately or else your money will be gone. The same happens with social engineering via SMS, Whatsapp or e-mail: you are triggered as a Sweden Phone Number to choose the fastest solution available. In this way, the criminal immediately prevents you from checking whether his story is correct. For example, by ending the call and calling the bank yourself. The third principle is reciprocity . The criminal wants to help Sweden Phone Number not to lose your money. Or, for example, to save time or to avoid an extra charge.

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