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I decided to break up the article in two parts, and prove and use: You can convey a standout point in as little as 59 words and still provide additional information through the link. What followed was Muhammad’s technique Egypt Phone Number and how to say more with fewer words. Please enjoy. – Brian It’s hard to go on short than it’s longer in writing. We want our philosophy to be fully communicated, so we continue without editors for brevity. But as Abraham Lincoln demonstrated in the Gettysburg Address , tight-textured words are often far more profound than much-longer efforts. Is it worth the extra effort, ruthless editing? Well, if we omit unnecessary words, sentences and paragraphs from an article or landing page, we communicate more concepts in less time and space. It is to say what needs to be said effectively and concisely.

Off Topic Can Help You

The first way is to omit unnecessary words. The elements of style say that “fact”, “who is” and “this is” are the most frequently used unnecessary words. For the former sentence, you can use one word often, and simply ignore them for the latter two. The following examples illustrate: Before: Due to the fact that people benefited a lot from reading my article, I decided to follow up with another one. After: Because people benefited so much from reading my article, I wrote a follow-up. Before: Brian, who is a writer and consultant, is an interesting person. After: Brian, a writer and consultant, is an interesting person. Before: This article, written by Brian, received critical acclaim. After: Brian ‘s article received critical acclaim. You’ll notice in the last example that the unused words are removed and the sentence is restructured. This is the second strategy.

Adjust Your Sentences Can Help You

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Brevity is the soul of wisdom, Polonium tells us, in Act II, Scene 2, Shakespeare’s Hamlet , but he takes seven lines babbling to do it. Shakespeare is being satirized, of course, but let’s look at a really concise presentation based on Macbeth’s description. This led him to want to be King of Scotland. The witch told him that this wish would come true. Duncan, King of Scotland at this time. Encouraged by his wife, Macbeth murders Duncan. Therefore, he was allowed to succeed Duncan as king (55 words). After: Encouraged by his wife, Macbeth to fulfill his ambitions and the murder of Duncan and his success the King of Scotland. By reordering and combining main ideas into one sentence, the same message is conveyed, and the number of words cut in half. It’s a bit more work, but it’s worth it if you value effective communication.

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