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If you do use a separate subdomain for Ghana Phone Number the mobile version of a page. It is important to set the rel-alternate and canonicals for each page correctly so. That the search engine knows what the mobile and desktop version Ghana Phone Number of a page is. And that they are not considered duplicates. With a responsive design, it is also possible to make elements on a web page invisible ( hidden ) or visible ( visible ) for certain screen size. As with lazy loading after user interaction, this can also affect how Google sees and indexes the page.

Using The Perfect

This ultimately affects the findability. So make Bahamas Phone Number sure you keep showing all-important content on the  Ghana Phone Number mobile version. 3. Work on the authority of the website (and page) The authority of a website is an important ranking factor. A brief explanation: websites, as well as individual pages, have a certain degree of authority. The Ghana Phone Number higher the better. In addition, a backlink from an external page with a high authority often has more influence than a page with lower authority. Naturally, the homepage of a website has the most backlinks, but from the homepage, there are also all kinds of internal links to the other pages within the website.

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Lazy loading is regularly used for mobile pages websites content. That is only loaded when you scroll to it or click on it. Google cannot see and Ghana Phone Number therefore cannot index the content that only becomes visible after an interaction by the user. So keep this in mind when optimizing your mobile pages. It has a lot of influence on how Google Ghana Phone Number interprets and then indexes the content on your website. responsive design A common way is to use a responsive design for your website so that you have one URL per page for Ghana Phone Number the mobile and desktop versions. The advantage is that you do not have to maintain two separate versions of one page.

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