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To carry out such experiments, ten different Instagram accounts were created. According to their own descriptions, focused on “thinspo” content . An amalgamation of the English words “thin” (thin) and “inspiration” (inspiration). The Russia Phone Number goal was for these accounts to resemble. The accounts that so many young people create on Instagram to fuel their eating disorders.

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The social network provides shelter to a large community made up mostly of very young women. Who encourage each other to lose weight with fasting diaries and images of lean Russia Phone Number bodies without an ounce of fat.In the Russia Phone Numberconversations held between the accounts of the experiment and this second type of profile.

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The supposed «coaches» did not hesitate to request nude photos from profiles behind which there were sometimes Russia Phone Number. Young people who were obviously minors. In addition, the “coaches” use abracadabrantes threats to punish young people who exceed the calorie limits that they arbitrarily set themselves. On Instagram there are many “coaches” who help young women lose weight using threats.  And methods of a dubious Russia Phone Number nature.

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