Instagram Ceo Announces 2022 Highlights It Was Only in 2021

It was only in 2021 that we saw a replication of almost all the features of Instagram TikTok. According to Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, the trend will continue in 2022. In other words, Instagram has announced that the main focus of 2022 will be “VIDEO”. Here is our article on the 2022 trend of Facebook and other social media platforms ! Through the video post above, Mosseri summed up last year and introduced two key areas of focus for Instagram in the coming 2022. These are ‘Video and Monitoring’. In the video, Mosseri says that Reels is the main focus, as we expected: “We will increase our focus on video, and all video posts will be based on Reels.”

What Will Change in Reality Reels Videos Appeared

In June last year, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Reels was becoming the most important factor in increasing Instagram user engagement. He also acknowledged that the transition to consumption is moving in the direction of the short-format video. So Instagram’s changes are in Brazil WhatsApp Number List line with the times and the trends that people want to see. What will change in reality? Reels videos appeared on Instagram’s homepage, while Instagram merged all video formats last October. As a result, all short videos are automatically converted to Reels videos, dramatically increasing the availability and visibility of this new format.

Can This Slow Down Instagram Tiktok’s Growth

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Can this slow down instagram tiktok’s growth? It depends on your personal preference, but for instagram and meta. The parent company, the numbers will change. While from the outside it may seem like all this copying is cheap and time-consuming. It seems important to increase participation…another highlight for mosseri is the focus on instagram messaging. Which is likely to work on making text messaging, the most important tool for online communication. A revenue-generating tool for content creators. The next important area of ​​focus is “Transparency”, which is likely to provide users. With more information on “How instagram works.” in this context, instagram’s new “Chronological” posts will be available to users. This will allow users to view their Instagram Feed posts in chronological order.

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