Wavelet for Learning Lists

Would you like to offer your participants or students teaching materials in a visually appealing way before and/or afterwards? Create a learning or reading list of your favorite blog articles, PDFs, images and videos and share this list with them as a link. Wavelet is a Iran B2B List  free tool for structured creation, management and sharing of content items.

Impression of Wavelet tool

The great thing is that you can provide each content item  Iran B2B List with an explanation or interpretation. You can share your learning lists in private mode or make them public. Take a look at what other trainers and teachers have built , for example . You can display in list view, but also, for example, as a mood board à la Pinterest.

Iran B2B List

3 bonus tips for learning geeks

Love learning technology? Then I have a few more tips for you. As mentioned, it pays to try out a new EdTech (Education Technology) tool and thus to follow start-ups. HolonIQ monitors EdTech players worldwide and conducts research into the learning landscape. They are videos of about an hour in which hundreds of start-ups pass by from all continents C

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