We Chose One Perspective

After we concluded that the amount of processes was too large, we stopped the program and started again. Instead of taking each process separately as a starting point, we chose Uganda B2B List  one starting point. One and the same perspective for all faculties and processes. And which perspective do you choose? The answer was easy: the student’s perspective. After all, those were the people we were doing it for. Ultimately, it’s about the user.

 Who is the user then?

We always talked about ‘the student’, but how do you  Uganda B2B List know exactly who that student is and what that student needs?To make the user concrete, we developed a persona . This is where Charlotte was born. From then on we no longer talked about ‘the student’, but started talking about Charlotte. The student had acquired a face. Charlotte was the person we optimized the digital services for.

 The user’s situation changed

So at that moment we had the persona Charlotte. But  Uganda B2B List Charlotte’s situation turned out to be an essential element in her persona. Charlotte was doing an internship when she should have taken a test. Well, we had not taken that into account in the development of digital services…

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