We focus most heavily on the organic

Listings, making sure that they’re in good order to drive massive sales for your business.

We do, also, recommend getting started with ad campaigns on the platform. Amazon’s ad system will allow you to reach more users who are either demographically a good fit or who are already looking for items like yours. It can give you a major boost in visibility, and thus sales.

And if you’re worried about cost, we can actually get started with as little as 1-3k a month in ad spend here. There’s plenty of room to grow long-term.

Learn more about Amazon Ads and our services here.

Best Practices Selling on Amazon

Your account is set up and ready to go! We want to leave you with a few best practices that will ensure that your account is in a good starting place to make sales.

These are the best practices we absolutely recommend:


Reach out through email after the customer has received the item. Let them know you’re a small business and would love their honest feedback. This can increase reviews significantly, which increases your visibility (and users’ trust!) on the platform. It’s one of the most important things you can do for sales.


You’re going to want to include multiple product images for each product in many cases. The image you choose for your thumbnail should be just the product with white space around it, but you can also show the product in use or from different angles.

Always use high-resolution images that Sri Lanka Phone Number accurately reflect the color of the product.

And important, get the image sizes right. Shoot for 1000 x 1600 pixels, and use either JPEG, PNG, or GIF file formats.

See the full image guidelines from Amazon here.

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You want your primary keyword in the product title, and you want that same keyword and/or core variations in the product description.

This can trigger you showing up in search results, and it can make or break your success on the platform.

You can see the listing below uses a number of different keywords for the product, including “snowboots” and “women’s winter boot.”  And make sure that you’ve got all the information that customers need to purchase. Material, size, care instructions, and core features all matter. Warranty info is a plus.

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