Website Woes That Can Threaten Your Business

This thing hangs heavy on your head every day. You get traffic going to your website. You’ve built an audience and overcome the obscurity problem. The number of links pointing to your site, every day, social shares grow Albania Phone Number List to your content, and every once in a while, you’ve recently started creating products and services that your audience likes and buys. It’s safe to say that you’ve reached your hockey stick moment and tackled the issue of sustainability with ease. You finally make money as a blogger , which also makes you quit your job. It’s so satisfying after you’ve experienced it. So what might be bothering you? It’s weird, but you think something terrible happened… it’s all going to be taken away from you. In my final blog post on this topic , I give you two questions that will haunt you in the first stages of being a content creator.

Will Google Penalize You if Your Site Is Not Mobile Friendly?

The answer is yes . Google is putting mobile users first , and that’s one of the reasons they’re killing original snippets . If your site is not meeting their mobile-first guidelines, then you may see your rankings drop. Use the Google Translate tool to test a web page for mobile devices . As Google’s Gary Ill yes said , “I think it’s pretty obvious that mobile-friendly sites provide a better user experience for mobile users.” This is consistent with research revealing that “61% of users are less likely to revert to a mobile site where they have had trouble converting visitors into customers by visiting the site from their phones and mobile devices.”For example, through our 2015 cost of doing business online survey (full results will be released on January 5, 2015 ), we found that more than 40% of online business owners spend between two and eight hours a day on their the site worked.

Spend More Time in Front of Your Audience

In fact, more than one-third of online business owners said they had no action plan anywhere to take care of a hack or infection — half saying the reason was that they were new to cyber security. Another 17 percent said they felt it would not happen to them. Another third said they simply don’t have time. Finally, what we say about performance at this stage of the online business owner’s journey . To stop hunting down plugins (and wondering if they work). You want to focus on marketing and content creation. You want to stop worrying about your website and focus on your business. In other words, you don’t want to spend your time staring at your server to keep your battling as a source of income.

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