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The color Buttercup best implies a ripe and fresh banana. Bananas that wear the somewhat warmer yellow shade Vibrant Yellow are  Belarus Phone Number considered a lot less attractive and therefore sold less. Dole has designed its entire cultivation and distribution Indonesia Phone Number process in such a way that only bananas with the ultimate color yellow are on the shelf of your store. To achieve the most sales with color psychology. Dole does not have to compete on the Belarus Phone Number lowest price! Emotion over ratio How come? That we make emotional decisions? Making a rational decision takes much more effort and effort than a  Belarus Phone Number choice you make based on your gut feeling. That is why we prefer to choose something that gives a nice feeling, a feeling of satisfaction.

What Are The Types

So you can respond much better to emotion than to ratio. Make sure that your brand strikes the right chord, the right emotion with your target group. Stimulate the senses of your customer. This can be done very simply by, for example, using the Belarus Phone Number right color. After all, rational arguments such as price, service, and quality are not very distinctive and are often interchangeable. After all, everyone shouts the same thing. And, people don’t buy rationally, even though we like to think so. Also read: Show color! Strongly position  Belarus Phone Number your brand in 5 steps Color Indonesia Phone Number psychology for your brand The Seoul Color Expo asked respondents about the importance of color when choosing a product. 85% indicated that color is the most important factor. More important than smell or how something feels. Take the  Belarus Phone Number color yellow as an example.

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