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The myth – among others of positive-thinking Gestapo (piece of framing towards the people, wonderful!) – is that you first have to feel good, that  Bahrain Phone Number India Phone Number you have to be positive, that you have to ‘stand in your power’ to take action. And it works, says Russ Harris, perhaps the other way around. You start brainstorming a  Bahrain Phone Number good blog idea. And India Phone Number then you get an idea, and then the second. And then you grow in your idea. And then you notice: hey! Pretty cool this! And meanwhile – this is almost a  Bahrain Phone Number guarantee – thoughts are running through your mind.

What is a Google Featured

You didn’t hear about that one connection, you don’t know if you should email again and You do it anyway. You notice that the business idea  Bahrain Phone Number India Phone Number you have just doesn’t suit you, you want to change it, you are ashamed of this mistake and you do it anyway: a new business idea. Fear has different faces. So you may also think ‘No, I’m not afraid, I’m afraid of a burglar! No, I just don’t feel like it. I have to vacuum Bahrain Phone Number irst! And drink 5 beers!’ I read a fascinating book by Russ Harris: The Confidence Gap. In any case, he is the one who made me think about those Bahrain Phone Number thoughts and feelings and that it is better to leave them for what they are and continue anyway.

Bahrain Phone Number List
Bahrain Phone Number List

Laura Belgray commented sharply about this: and that everyone shares that quote. What and how? Dealing with adversity and Bahrain Phone Number complicated feelings such as shame or fear of showing yourself during that damned undertaking? So I guess we don’t have India Phone Number that much control over what we think and feel. And on our actions. So take action. The Bahrain Phone Number inspirational quote that I think is the coolest and that I made up myself: “Feel the fear and gosh!” Your may know this one better in the English version: Feel the fear and do it anyway. I’m kidding. It is a very frequently used quote and yet I ask you Bahrain Phone Number to let it sink in for a moment. You feel the fear of posting that blog, making that vide And you do it anyway.

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