What is Individual and Corporate Hosting?

Reseller hosting , also known as reseller hosting, can be simply explain as buying hosting from a hosting company and selling it to your customers in the form of hosting packages with your own brand, prices and features that you set. We can say that reseller hosting is a very stylish opportunity for those who want to start a business in a short time without having to make big investments and deal with technical equipment, or for those who can reach niche customer bases who need web hosting.

Our comprehensive article, which explains what you need to pay attention to about reseller hosting, will guide those who want to make money on the internet: What is Reseller Hosting?

What is Individual and Corporate Hosting?

Retail hosting is a general term for affordable hosting packages where server resources are share with other websites. It is mostly prefer by personal websites and blogs. Small-scale websites can host hundreds or even thousands of visitors daily without experiencing performance problems with individual hosting packages.

Corporate hosting , on the other hand, is a term used for hosting Cambodia Phone Number packages for businesses and companies that need higher resources in terms of processor, ram and disk space. It usually covers hosting solutions that try to support businesses by focusing on more specific needs like daily backups, high email quota.

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What is Linux and Windows Hosting?

In all hosting types above, you have the opportunity to choose servers with Windows or Linux operating systems, in fact, the type of files and functions you plan to use is decisive in this preference.

All other file types like PHP, Perl, WordPress, MySQL work much easier on a Linux-based web server. In fact, these files also work with Windows hosting, but the Linux platform is specifically design to work with these data types.

But to install the system perfectly, you may need to understand its intricacies. In contrast, Windows; It can stand out with its ease of use for those looking for a functional system that does not require extensive configuration.

If you take a look at our article titled Differences Between Windows Hosting and Linux Hosting, where we compare two operating systems on this subject , the table will be clearer.

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