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Actually, I purchased the Pro Plus theme pack in November 2009 to get even around before Genesis. At the time, I was just starting out with client consulting Greece Phone Number List and small website design work for small business owners and bloggers, and was always looking for the best deals I could find on well-crafted premium WordPress themes. It just happens that Studio Press has some really good looking people that will have a little basic customization work for a few projects. I think it was the fall of 2010 when we moved to Genesis. Over the years, we’ve used and customized several different form factor themes, including Lady in Pink, Balanced, and the current theme, which is starting to be a fully custom-designed “sample” sub-theme. Although I started using Studio Press and due to the beautiful design Genesis framework provides.

How Has Your Responsiveness to Switching to a Mobile Website

We switched to mobile responsive design a few years ago, and our traffic definitely went up. However, this is when we upgraded to Genesis 2.0, and converted the themes. We used (Balanced Theme Custom Edition) to take advantage of the HTML markup that the communications available with Genesis 2.0 really started to take off. It jumped by 30% within six weeks of converting the theme to HTML, Gen 2.0.I know how frustrating it is to visit a website when I’m browsing on my phone, it’s not mobile friendly, so it’s definitely something we need to make the switch. I love how the process is seamless for the site and how it keeps the same look, feel and branding move around and is therefore easier to use for my readers.

What Other Changes Have You Made to Your Website That Made the Difference?

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A few years ago, we added an email signup form to the bottom of every blog post. Added, one thing that multiplied our mailing list. With the latest redesign, we’ve added information on what type of information visitors choose. The options they’re most interested in before signing up for the list. This does increase subscribers as well, but what’s most interesting is that even with the option to choose. The category of information to subscribe, over 80% choose “all of the above” rather than a single category. Also, switching to synthetic hosting was huge because we used to be cheap. Shared hosting providers kept going offline every time there was a traffic spike that dropped the scene.

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