What Makes This So Strong?

It is a clear, unique and believable story. We feel a connection with Dimitri’s dream to bake the most delicious bread. This is reinforced by his roots as a former chef and his philosophy: making everything from scratch. We see the purity in the kneading of the dough, but also the Zeeland landscape. The tension is in the conflict of giving up everything, taking the difficult road. There is a transformation of Dimitri himself, but also the world around him. Vlaamsch  Broodhuys makes the Dutch look at bread differently. It is not a layer for siege, but something pure to enjoy. There is a  Honduras Phone Number List lot of pride and love in the story, inspiring both customers and employees.

What can be done better?

The video was made for the 20th anniversary. Now, 4 years later, a new anniversary is just around the corner. Could the video use an update? Frankly, the story still stands as a ‘huys’. But it mainly  Honduras Phone Number List looks back, the thrill of starting the company is in the past. There is an opportunity to draw the story more towards the challenges of 2021. For example, what do you do to maintain that purity when you have grown to 20 of your own stores and an even greater number of shop-in-shops? And what is the ambition for the future? What will you  Honduras Phone Number List f ight for in the coming years and what will it take?


Example #3. defence

This is the most classic example of a corporate Honduras Phone Number List  story. It is a story that makes clear the meaning and relevance of Defense for different groups: soldiers, thei r Honduras Phone Number List  loved ones, potential employees and society as a whole.

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