What Really Can Teach You About Effective Blog Marketing

Some people seem to be missing out on the value of Facebook’s 35 million users. Because of low ad rates and abominable click-through rates. The real value of a Facebook audience comes from data mining and the ability Bolivia Phone Number List to watch, track and cluster what an attractive population is doing in total. While the move to open up the platform to others was applauded (especially compared to the closed MySpace), the move wasn’t entirely altruistic. Key to this, by using the site’s pattern of extracting information, Facebook users provide value is segmenting into tighter interest groups. This provides more attention, advertising, sales and marketing opportunities. So Facebook cleverly opened the door to third-party developers saying, “Here, you do the work.” Developers gain access to Facebook’s massive audience, with the hope that their apps will go viral.

Your Blog and the Art of Segmentation

Even if your blog’s audience is more focused than Facebook’s, you can still benefit from a split of interest. This is especially important when you are trying to sell something. As I said in the earliest days of this blog, you need to sell people off-road to them for several important reasons. First, getting someone else to buy something often requires a multiple-exposure offer. While you may get away with doing a pitch in the blog. You may need constant repeated pitches to maximize conversion. In doing so, you may lose most of your audience. They choose that for your content rather than bombarding it with sales messages. What you want to do is simply hear from people who are interested in talking about whatever it is you sell specifically, and continue to provide content to other readers until you have something to sell that is of interest to them.

The Art of Transponders

Transponders are one of the pillars of effective internet marketing, yet bloggers rarely use them. Email marketing may seem outdated, but think about it. How many emails every day you receive from Facebook drive you back to the field? Email is alive and well when delivered to people who want to hear from you. That’s why it’s so important to take a tutorial marketing approach to sales. When people want to be independent when making buying decisions. Give them something to stand for while also making an offer, and they’ll be more inclined to do business with you. I use transponders for almost every for-profit project I do, and you’ll start seeing them using Copy blogger as well going forward. In fact, I plan to create these types of marketing tutorials with more advanced tips tutorials.

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