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VPS and VDS, which are virtual server types, are actually a hosting solution similar to shared hosting, but promising resource allocation to users with virtualization technology. When you host your website on a virtual server, you can have similar opportunities to a website running on a dedicated server at much more affordable prices. Many people choose to start with shared hosting and then switch to VPS when website traffic increases, and then to VDS for even higher throughput. Websites on VPS can interfere with each other in terms of performance. because websites are hosted in more isolated areas. Therefore, VDS; It is a popular secure and high-performance option for e-commerce sites or sites collecting sensitive information. A major advantage of virtual servers is that they can offer customization and root access, but technical understanding is essential for a well-configured server.

Cloud-based virtual servers are the most reliable types of virtual servers due to their redundant nature. What is Virtual Server with comparison of VPS, VDS and other hosting solutions read our article; It can make a difference for you to take firm steps towards your goals.

Dedicated Server

Having a dedicated server, also called a Dedicated Server , ensures that your site’s traffic spikes or any problems with other websites will not affect your site’s performance because there are no other users on the server than you. A server is entirely dedicate to your site. If you wish, you can host several sites of your own or a large site alone.

It is the ultimate hosting solution in terms of security, flexibility and performance, but costs more than other options. That’s why you need to make sure you really need performance and control at this scale before deciding on a dedicated server.

Dedicated servers with advantages such as faster loading pages Cambodia Phone Number and security that no other hosting solution can promise; It is suitable for very high traffic websites and can easily handle an increase of 30 times your daily traffic.

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Cloud Server

Cloud server is the most popular hosting solution of recent times, designed for uninterrupted access and meeting high server resource needs by working together over a network of many servers.

In cloud servers, resources such as CPU, RAM are provided from many servers and backups of a website are kept on many servers. This structure; Eliminates the possibility of the website being inaccessible in case of an outage due to a server failure, as another server in the cluster takes over.

It is quite economical and easy to manage compared to dedicated servers that are a bit expensive and need technical skills. Our comparisons between cloud servers and other hosting solutions. What is Cloud Server? You can read our article.

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