Which Hosting Package Should I Choose?

Hosting packages; These are the plans that show how much you will use the resources of the server where your website will be hosted. It consists of components such as storage space, memory, processing power, and data transfer speed. These components are effective in the following factors:

  • Efficiency: Your server’s ability to process and transfer data determines how fast your site’s pages can load.
  • : If your site gets enough visitors to strain the server resources you use, the server may crash. This means that your website is temporarily inaccessible and may result in loss of reputation.
  • Cost: The more resources a hosting plan offers, the higher the price.

When choosing a hosting plan, the size of your site, its purpose and the amount of traffic you foresee will be decisive. However, it will make things easier to have an idea of ​​the terms you are most likely to come across when researching hosting packages:

How much traffic your site can handle

SSD is the piece of hardware that is responsible for storage in computers, servers. SSD capacity determines the maximum size of your websites. Generally, hosting plans list the maximum capacity in Gigabytes (GB).

Many factors affect the size of your website, such as media files and Cambodia Phone Number dynamic content. However , the size of an average web page is just under 2 MB . To estimate the overall size of your website, you can use a platform like Pingdom Tools to use page size data to find your average and multiply it by the number of pages on your site.

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Bandwidth (Traffic)

Bandwidth refers to the speed at which a server can transfer data. In other words, it determines how quickly your website can show its content to visitors. We can liken the bandwidth to the fact that a wide pipe provides more water, that is, data, in a given time than a thin pipe. Hosting plans list bandwidth as traffic (number of visitors).

You may have a huge amount of storage, but if your bandwidth is low, your data will transfer slowly and too much traffic can strain your server. Just like with storage, it’s difficult to pinpoint your site’s bandwidth needs. Tracking page views with a tool like Google Analytics can give you a rough idea of ​​your needs. RAM refers to the short-term memory that the server hosting your site uses when processing multiple requests at the same time. Hosting plans are usually listed in GB.

Sites with high traffic, lots of dynamic elements, and using a Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla need more RAM than others. Running out of RAM can cause a “500 Internal Server Error” on your site (500 Internal Server Error.

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