Why 80% of Innovations Fail

Despite the fact that consultants. Executives and scientists worldwide agree that innovative capacity should be a core competency of organizations . We still see more than 80% of innovations fail. One of the main causes is the absence . A clear innovation strategy. But that’s certainly not the only thing. In practice, there appear to be nine innovation barriers that often prevent innovations from Angola B2B List  succeeding. We discuss five of them here.

Barriers to innovation

Only with innovative capacity can you as an Angola B2B List  organization be . Remain future-proof. From this perspective, innovation is a learning process through . Which this core competency can be developed. The five most important innovation barriers that we mention here stand in the way of this.

1. Your own mental model

Every organization has a specific culture.  A DNA based Angola B2B List  on its history, a collective memory based on past successes . failures. All in all, this has evolved over time into the ‘mental model of the organization’. The more successful an organization, the more difficult it is to change that mental model. Often it lacks leadership and guts. The management of an organization must be prepared to periodically question their own beliefs regarding the business operations. And, if necessary, let go of ingrained routines that have made the organization successful.

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