Why Emotional Interest Is Key Reader Feedback

We humans like to think of ourselves as rational animals. Curiosity took us to the moon and back, fought smallpox and polio, and invented the internet. But when you come down, feelings always win. The most powerful man in the world can be humbled by the plumpness of a girl in a long blue dress. We use our brains, yes, but we act by pushing Cyprus Phone Number List our hearts (and the rest of the body) . The market is first for the gut If you’re writing persuasion, you’re gutting anywhere near your brain. The “I have” part of the decision is perceptual. The rational brain usually follows its trailing and OK decisions, but if it doesn’t work emotionally, logic never has a chance to weigh in. Most of us know the benefits of selling, not functionality .

A Little Pain in Adding

Remember when we talked about marketing pain ? Because I’m a pair of hypocritical shoes, rather than forming or exacerbating fear, my choice is presented by the market to really solve a real problem. However, phantom fears (and its cousins, social isolation and embarrassment) are used by a large number of marketers because they are effective. Oftentimes there are clients who create fictional fear-based scenarios that are far more terrifying than even a very difficult real-world problem.I know this sounds impossible to idealize, but our impulses connect and belong to the equally powerful “fight or flight” narrative. We are hardwired in social relationships, and in a socially fragmented postmodern world that feeds only hunger. The benefit of the classic emotion used for connection is the “cheers” effect, one, where everyone knows your name. I think this is one of the reasons why the marketing model of Conversation is so appealing.

Connection and Belonging

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Let’s blog lively comment the community. The blogger acts as the owner’s conversation, greeting by name with comments, welcoming them back, and creating a convivial bistro for his readers to hang out with. That conversation became a powerful emotional benefit. It doesn’t actually matter, most readers never comment. They also benefit from a sense of belonging to a warm, comfortable community. You don’t have to have a blog to use the Cheers effect. Find new ways to create better connections with your readers. Membership sites are another powerful (and extensible) tool to capitalize on the desire to belong to something bigger. The membership model creates a familiar, trustworthy resource that a village knows that members can draw from. Most membership sites include a forum or other social component as well. So that members can create more connections with each other.

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