Wide Reach With Content

When you post on social media, you want your content to get the attention of as many users as possible. If you have many followers or connections, it is not always the case that you automatically have a large reach. Social media such as LinkedIn determine with an algorithm who will see your content. However, there are a number of things that can ensure that your message on LinkedIn has a large reach. With over 750 million users Uganda Phone Number List worldwide, LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms today. It is logical that many companies and professionals invest time in the platform to maintain relationships and expand their network. They share knowledge and develop content in the form of articles, videos and (status) updates.

Which content scores well?

How do you ensure that your content has a Uganda Phone Number List  large reach? What are points of attention? What can you do better and what not? SocialInsider recently investigated this by analyzing more than 86,000 messages from 883 LinkedIn pages. The messages were very diverse: from articles to vacancies and from videos to messages with one or more images or PDF files.

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More reach with messages 

The main conclusion is that posts that do not contain Uganda Phone Number List  a link score the best on the platform. For example, a message with an image without a link appears to have 70 percent more  Uganda Phone Number List reach than a message with an image and a link.

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