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In this sense, he discovered that Pakistan Phone Number.  Connectivity at a speed of 30Mbps is insufficient to cover the basic needs of users. For their part  populations with 100 Mbps speed connectivity manage to raise. Their average income by 1.4% compared to Pakistan Phone Number those that do not enjoy it. In addition  Social Security affiliations reach 3.1% and the reduction in the unemployment rate reaches 0.7%. “In order to have achieved the goals of social digital transformation and avoid the digital divide. It would have been necessary to reach 100 Mbps for all citizens” declares the Pakistan Phone Number author.

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On the other hand  the general technological progress of the population . As a result of the pandemic has accentuated the digital divide. People who have only been able to enjoy connection Pakistan Phone Number. Speeds of 30 Mbps have suffered a very relevant digital divide. The Government of Spain Pakistan Phone Number recognizes, in fact, that there are between 800,000 and 1,400,000 inhabitants with limited connectivity of this type.

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Spain exceeds the European average, but there is still some way to go The CEO of lyntia acknowledges in his research that Spain is higher than the European average . Likewise, he has Pakistan Phone Number notably climbed positions since the beginning of the approval of the Agenda. Moreover, in terms of connectivity, it occupies one of the most outstanding positions with a score of 60.8 compared to Pakistan Phone Number the 50.1 average in the European Union. Furthermore, there is more fiber in rural Spain than in urban Europe .

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