With Personalized Homepages

Another form of personalization that can yield a lot is a personalized homepage. Many visitors still come in through this page. And showing personalized product recommendations is very powerful. For example, Hema places recommendations after specific Turkey Phone Number List click behavior in the content blocks under ‘Specially for you’ and after recently viewed articles under ‘Viewed by you’. These two types of personalized product recommendations each result . A higher click-through rate and a higher conversion than the generic recommendations under the heading ‘Popular right now’.

Recommendations from recently

For example, the conversion of the variant  Turkey Phone Number List ‘Especially for you’ is 77% higher compared to the generic variant and for the recommendations under ‘Viewed by you’ even a conversion percentage of 250% applies. Linda Klus from Hema also says: Recommendations from recently viewed articles excel in conversion.

viewed articles

And unnecessarily: this form of personalization Turkey Phone Number List  fits very well with the awareness phase of your customer journey .With all these smart forms of personalization you can score well as a web store. But you will often need a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to connect all data flows in the right way. The question this raises is to what extent such a CDP autonomously determines what is relevant for whom and when, or whether there is still some control over all automatic processes.

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