With Something Striking

A piece of news, for example. Or an anecdote. This way you draw the reader into the story and then hold it.I myself often address the reader personally . Preferably in the intro already. Why should the person read this text? I try to answer that Sri Lanka B2B List question right away. In addition, I sometimes incorporate myself into the story. Just like now. Because recognition appeals to readers. Whether they know me or not.

5. Complete your story

Another way to keep long copy attractive is to trigger your reader with something you will come back to much later. For example, start you r  Sri Lanka B2B List article with a question. What do all users of this product have in common? Or: Why is Katja Stuurman such a fan of our brand?Only answer this question at the end of your article. If you refer to the intro at the end, you round out the text nicely. Readers love that. Important: if your readers have a very concrete task, you must answer quickly. If they want to know how expensive car insurance is, for example.

Sri Lanka B2B List

Stay critical

Even with a long text you have to keep asking  Sri Lanka B2B List yourself: is this passage relevant to the story? Does it contribute to the point you want to make? Or could you just as well just delete it? Don’t write to fill a page, but to reinforce your story. Good luck! Want to learn more about writing catchy texts? Do you like long texts or do you prefer short texts? Do you use a lot of difficult words or do you keep it simple? And do you sometimes throw in some English terms or do you prefer to stick to Dutch? Whatever your personal preference, it is important to write texts that inspire and convince the reader. Would you like to learn more about writing strong texts? Then a handy training can help you with that. View the training Creative online writing

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