With the development of various convenient services in life we are no longer

Surprised by functions such as advertising push and image recognition. And artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as machine learning, deep learning. And reinforcement learning are also unknown. Unconsciously daily life is flooded. On the contrary, these. AI technologies that seemed difficult to understand in the past and required highly professional. Talents to be familiar with and used have long become an indispensable data analysis and decision-making assistance technology in the process of product development and service optimization of enterprises. What’s exciting is that in today’s technological era of nationalization of machine learning​, no matter the type of industry or the size of the enterprise, it is possible to combine


With AI technology to create more unexpected

Convenient services. How can we not be in it? Step up to keep up? Join the AWS Proof-of-Concept (POC) program today and move toward a human-centric technology of the future! Diversified cloud tools create low-threshold AI technology applications in various industries In fact, the key to the popularization of AI technology is not only the Kenya Phone Number List maturity of technology and the update and iteration of information hardware. But also the emergence of technology translation service providers such as AWS Taiwan. AWS provides cloud-based tools with various functions. Which greatly reduces the threshold for. AI technology to start and use, and allows machine learning (ML) to penetrate into various industrial processes and achieve true popularization. Enterprises such as Discovery 3M and Subway restaurant chain (SUBWAY) have begun to use the following cloud tools provided by AWS.


Further optimize their products or services

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Low barriers to entry. Easy to use, and accurate ML predictions without programming. Amazon Sage Maker Canvas simplifies the complex programming process of the past. With a visual point-and-click interface allowing users to upload data train models, and perform predictions. Without ML experience. Accelerates the creation of instant personalized user experiences at scale. Amazon Personalize does not require ML expertise. Allowing developers to easily build instant personalized recommendations to provide optimal computing services to customers in industries such as retail, media and entertainment. Automatically capture printed, handwritten, and data. Amazon Textract uses optical character recognition to read and process any type of document using ML. accurately capture text, handwriting, forms.

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