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Ticket to freedom The precedent has Poland Phone Number been set. Countries such as Paraguay and Brazil are now also looking at the possibilities of making Bitcoin a legal tender. In countries such as Poland Phone Number it is now the ticket to freedom . In the coming year, I expect that more countries will start using Bitcoin (and possibly other currencies) as legal tender. In the fight against high cross-border payments, in the fight against inflation and to reduce the US dollar’s power grab. Bitcoin is Poland Phone Number only as a payment, but also as an investment. Countries like Bulgaria and Ukraine have already bought billions of euros worth of Bitcoin.

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Trend Flashes of light Poland Phone Number are not only actively in developing countries. Also in Western countries there are all kinds of applications that are on a daily basis. For example, it is possible to thank content creators for their work in various ways. Twitter has added the Poland Phone Number feature to the platform, which allows you to give a Bitcoin tip to your favorite tweeps. This is now also possible with podcasts, by Podcasting 2.0 of ‘podfather’ Adam Curry. Both functionalities Poland Phone Number the Lightning network . This is a so-‘second layer solution’, which is built on the Bitcoin network.

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It thus offers a powerful Poland Phone Number to Bitcoin’s critics. According to them, the number of transactions that are possible on the network and their speed would lag behind current payment methods such as credit cards. Where Bitcoin can handle 7 transactions per second and VISA 65,000, Lightning can Poland Phone Number millions. Last month alone , the number of Lightning transactions doubled and the number of users increased by 11,164%. This is not only thanks to the Twitter Tips. Because it can process very small payments relatively cheaply. It is also widely in the gaming world for Poland Phone Number purchase of small in-game items.

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