Your Target Group

Your target audience is also important when determining the length of your text. It may be obvious, but the target group of de Volkskrant or the Correspondent is really different from that of LINDA.nieuws or RTL Boulevard. There is a good chance that Uzbekistan B2B List the first target group consists of motivated readers, who are looking for information to understand things. They often take long copy and don’t let that deter them. The second target group is probably looking for entertainment in the form of snackable content. Although the two will sometimes overlap.

 means of publication

Do you publish a text on Facebook? Or in a trade  Uzbekistan B2B List magazine? That also affects the length of your text. The competition from other posts is fierce on social media. Moreover, the focus is more on images than on text and texts are broken after a number of lines. If your text is too long, people will have scrolled further. Click on your article? Not at all. Why would they? To make sure of that, you need to get to the heart of the matter in a few sentences and use a catchy image to trigger.

Uzbekistan B2B List

… and of your

A magazine probably grabs your target  Uzbekistan B2B List audience for other reasons. Not to quickly check, but to sit down extensively. To relax. In that case, they do take the time for a longer article. Before you know it they are 1,000 words further.

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