Yourself From Cybercrime

Marketers are especially vulnerable to cybercrime. Aren’t you looking? Then you will have to deal with viruses, hackers or ransomware. How do you keep cyber criminals away?New on Frankwatching a marketer you have to be at home in all markets. On an average working day you shoot from one tool to another. You’ve Finland Phone Number List barely answered a few emails before the next Teams chat arrives. Soon a chat via Slack. And in between you are also busy typing in Google Workspace or Azure Boards. No wonder that many marketers no longer see the wood for the trees.

Marketers: protect 

And I’m only talking about the standard tools. Have Finland Phone Number List you ever counted up how many apps, web services, and other tools you use for work? I can easily add a dozen more to the list above. And I’m not the only one. Marketers regularly work with apps for management and monitoring of social media, tools for newsletters and surveys, CMSs, apps to monitor website statistics and advertising, graphic programs…

Finland Phone Number List
Finland Phone Number List


Never before have we had so Finland Phone Number List  many tools at our disposal. It is all beautiful and handy and you can do a lot with it. But there is also a danger in it.Because the larger your toolkit, the greater the chance that one of your favorite tools will cause a cybersecurity incident. In this blog I give a number of tips to avoid such an incident. Because as a marketer you want to get your company in the press, but not in that way!

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