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Of the fashion blogs to make a niche for yourself. To create your own fashion blog. Follow these 6 steps: think of a name and register your domain. Choose the right platform. Shape your blog: design and functionalities. Publish your first post. Work on seo and gain visibility. Make improvements and start making your blog profitable. Let’s look at each of them in more detail below. 1. Think of a name and register your domain surely you already have a name in mind to give your fashion blog. If you already have a twitter or instagram account where you share all your looks and people know you. You can use that same name or the username you use for your blog. Eye! Make sure that the name you want to use does not coincide with any trademark already registered. It has to be a unique and original name.

And not only to avoid  Dominican Republic Phone Numbers   getting into legal trouble. But because it will be a good strategy to differentiate yourself from your competition. Do you already have the name? Now register it. Registering your domain is essential to secure your name on the internet and prevent someone else from taking it. Simply check that it is free and voila! Search if it is the first domain you buy and you are not sure what rules to follow. Here are 7 mistakes to avoid when choosing a domain name . In addition to the traditional or .es extensions. Remember that there are also other extensions that can fit perfectly with a fashion blog. Some alternatives are .blog . .moda or. For example. The .style extension .

Which Has Gained

Quite a few followers in recent years. 2. Choose the right platform now that you have the domain. Choose the right platform. For this. We propose these two options: wordpress: the recommended option. Did you know that wordpress is the most used cms worldwide ? There is no doubt that wordpress is still one of the favorite options when it comes to creating an online business of any kind. From an online store using woocommerce. A corporate website or a blog like the one you want to start up. To do this. You will need a specialized wordpress hosting plan. For example. You can start with a wordpress websites or wordpress hosting plan that are already optimized for this cms and it will be much easier for you to start your project.

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Website builder – using a website builder tool is also a great option if you want to get started quickly and not get bogged down with technical stuff. For example. Now with godaddy’s website builder you have functionality available to create your own blog. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to start a blog with our website builder. 3. Shape your blog: design and features if you choose a web creation tool. You have it very easy. You already have predesigned web pages in which you simply have to choose the colors or themes that best suit what you are looking for. But how do i do it with wordpress? If you create your fashion blog in wordpress. It will take you a little more time to configure the design and options of your website.

But The Possibilities Are Endless

You can create it giving it your own style and you can add all the features you need. Choose a template for your fashion blog in the official wordpress repository you have many free resources at your disposal. Including templates or themes that will give your blog a professional appearance. Simply access and filter the results by “subject” – “blog”. In the following post you can take a look at a compilation of the best wordpress templates for this year. Anyway. Here are three blog themes that may fit what you’re looking for: styled lite – a very clean and professional looking theme perfect for starting your blog. Anima : fully responsive. Easily customizable and with a very clean design. Activello – another well-designed responsive wordpress theme that can easily be adapted to your fashion blog content.

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